Boutique Education Concept

Our school has been designed in 15-student classes in order to reach the characteristics of the students in person and reveal their skills. The ratio of the number of staff to the number of students has been planned to be ¼. In other terms, there is one staff for every 4 student. Taking the advantage of being a boutique school, a learning infrastructure based on the personal interest model has been established in an attempt to create the opportunity for each student with respect to his/her interests and skills. Placing a particular importance on individual differences, the institution realizes that each student adopts a different way of learning, and therefore, it develops a customized pattern of education for each student. The academic levels of the students are measured periodically, and those students who have deficiencies are trained in person by their teachers during the extracurricular hours. No student is allowed to have deficiency in terms of academical knowledge.


Placing great importance on specialization, our school has composed its class and field teachers who are experts. Unlike the traditional approach, at Private Istanbul College, the class teachers teach the same class every year. By teaching the same class over the years, the teachers specialize in the age characteristics, education and training of the class they teach. For example; in the traditional approach, a class teacher instructs the same students for five years, and tries to be efficient in all grades, from first grade to fifth grade, while at Private Istanbul College one particular teacher specializes in his/her field as he/she instructs the same class every year, and has the opportunity to improve himself/herself on the characteristics and curriculum of a certain age group.

Social Studies

Our school realizes that academical achievements are not enough in the modern world and in our country; therefore, it prepares its students to the next level of educational life, providing them with social, artistic and cultural knowledge. Our school believes that this goal can only be reached with the help of experts in social fields, and lessons on dance, drama, and similar branches are carried out by professional educators.

English with Foreign Teachers

In order to make our students “world citizens” and help them communicate in the world of globalization, a student-oriented language education based on multiple intelligence theory is provided. The students get intensive training of English in the early ages by teachers whose native language is English. In the upper grades, both Turkish and foreign teachers take part in their education program.

High Academical Achievement Goals

In the belief that the institutions may provide better educational services only by specializing in specific fields, Private Istanbul College never aimed to offer secondary or higher education to its students. The goal of our school, which provides elementary education services, is to help our students enter the reputable foreign schools, Anatolian high schools, or science high schools. Our school has proven its success in this regard; all of its graduates have been able to enter in reputable schools.