Staff selection is very important in Private Istanbul College. Special emphasis is placed on hiring specialists for field courses.
Our school has a warm atmosphere, and it pays attention to choose the right staff that fits in the mission and vision of the school, and also adds value to the school. The teachers who are willing to work at Private Istanbul College must have the necessary documents and permissions from Ministry of National Education, and must be graduates of the related fields of the universities. If you would like to apply for a job here at Private Istanbul College, please send your resume to, or use the application link provided.


Full command in the field
• Idealize teaching
• Ability to perform different approaches considering the variety of students’ learning skills,
• Willing to raise self-confident students,
• Willing to improve the skills and talents of the students,
• Interested in the social events, has social awareness,
• Enjoys reading and learning, finds methods to endear these to the students,
• Prone to teamwork,
• Excellent command on Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and Powerpoint,
• Good command of English (Sufficent for communicating with the foreign teachers),
• No military obligations for male candidates,
• Graduate degree preferred.
After the evaluation of the applications, suitable candidates are invited for an interview. Candidates that are considered to meet the requirements are invited for a second interview, and are informed.
The need for personnel in the auxiliary services is announced in the newspapers or via internet.