Turkish is considered as the main lesson in every stage of education (including undergraduate classes). This is because Turkish is the native language and contains the national literature.
At Private Istanbul College, providing the sense of national identity, endearing the native language, teaching both national and international literature are one of the main objectives of Turkish lesson. Our Turkish education program is a program which excludes memorization, questions and investigates the events, utilizes drama methods, offers projects.
The purpose is to create individuals who can express themselves both orally and in writing, and enjoy the literature.
The students, who have the good command of their native language, will also gain the ability to comment on the text they read. The primary importance of Turkish lesson in the everyday life as well as the academic life is that it ensures the intellectual skills as to understanding what is read or listened, to comment on those, to express the emotions and thoughts orally or in writing.
The goal our school set in Turkish education is to raise individuals who love Turkish, uses it correctly, enjoys literature and arts, and asserts himself with his culture and standing. Another activity that is carried out in our Turkish lesson is reading. The purpose is to introduce both Turkish authors and poets, and the authors and poets from the world literature, and help the students understand their lives and works. Such activities will not only help our students gain a wide mental capacity, but will also prove to be beneficial in terms of general knowledge.