The purpose of the mathematics education at Private Istanbul College is to provide the students with the ability to think out of the box, thoroughly analyze the problem and find practical solutions. The principles of mathematics are taught to the students by motivating them to analyze the cause – result relationship of the principle.
For example, the students do not only memorize that the value of Pi number is 3,1416, but also realize that it is the ratio of the circumference to the height. Knowledge which is obtained in such promotes a more active learning and the knowledge becomes more permanent as it is not just memorized. One of the most important concepts in Private Istanbul College is that enjoying the work done is quite important in achieving success. Therefore, in order to make our students enjoy mathematics:
• “Brain Storming” method is utilized to increase the creativity of our students, and allow them to develop empathy. We also utilize the “question – answer” technique, which ensures the participation of the students.
• The basic principles of mathematics are questioned, and proved.
• We apply studies that lead the student to make research, solve the problem and explore.
• We allow the students to present their project during the learning activities.
• We utilize computer aided presentations in addition to traditional teaching methods.
• We utilize various materials to show the functionality of mathematics in everyday life.
We ensure that our students thoroughly understand mathematical thinking and the processes, and we apply an effective mathematics education based on comprehension.