Foreign Language Education
Foreign language education is as important as the native language education at Private Istanbul College. Globalization brings the countries, cultures and people together more and more every day, and it is necessary to be able to speak many languages in order to become a world citizen. To be able to communicate with different cultures requires language. Realizing this fact, our school teaches English using interactive methods, by speaking and living, starting from kindergarten, for 9 years. Since the students can only communicate with their foreign teachers in their native language, foreign language is a natural part of the everyday life in our school. All kinds of audio-visual technologic tools are utilized in order to help the students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
All of our selected text books comply with the standards of Common European Framework (CEF), and contain consecutive topics. The English Department aims to teach the students English in the best way possible by applying a program that improves the listening, speaking, writing and critical thinking skills. It is also important for us to improve the self-respect and the self-confidence of our students, who are aimed to be raised as independent individuals. An environment where the students feel safe to exchange opinions, learn and discuss the problems about learning is prepared.

Our goals are to;

• Ensure the right usage of the grammar by improving the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills,
• Ensure the ability to express themselves fluently and correctly, both in writing or orally, in various environments;
• Motivate them to obtain the habit of reading independently, and maintain this habit throughout their entire life;
• Teach how to obtain information, with the help of our teachers who act more like a guide than an instructor who transfers the information;
• Increase their motivation in reading, writing and participation to the in-class activities and make the knowledge permanent by utilizing various educative tools;
• Teach how to study during their inner training which will last for their entire life, and make them gain the planning ability;
• Improve written and oral critical thinking, increase their self-confidence to allow them express their emotions;
• Improve their researching skills;
• Improve the attention and creativity of the students by utilizing technological tools in the classes, and motivate for independent reading;
• Ensure their personal and cultural improvements by using various reading sources (ensure that they express their thoughts by creating a pleasing competition environment such as quizzes and discussions);
• Ensure that they act positively, value and respect different cultures.