Fine Arts
The fine arts education in our school is prepared to reveal the creative force and cultural accumulation of our students, and ensure multi-directional developments in terms of aesthetics. Modern art education is our philosophy. Raising students, who are able to use the art language, understand and comment on the art works, and able to communicate through art is one of the basic principles that Private Istanbul College treasures.
One of the basic objectives of our art education is to ensure that our students have a cultural infrastructure that allows them to follow the actualities, and comment on, during the art events they join during their social lives. Therefore, we give information on the artists, sculptors and the related approaches, and we support that information by organizing trips to the museums.
In addition, we provide works such as three dimensional works, acrylic and oil paint on canvas, marbling art, collage, mosaic, digital arts, animations, and offer more comprehensive works to the students interested in fine arts within the club hours.