Short Film Club

In our school, the club activities are not only seen as a socialization and skill-improvement activity; but they also form the foundation of the project-based complete learning program, which carries the students’ academic achievements to the highest level by allowing the field lessons to be taught on project-basis.
Our Short Film Club makes projects for Turkish, Social Studies, and Computer classes. Preparation of a short movie is a process which allows the students work collectively during the editing, shooting and presentation stages.
Not only the students learn about how to make a movie by scripting, directing and processing the movie on the computer, but they also prepare projects for various courses on many topics.
This education period, which is both fun and rich in terms of knowledge and skills, ends with a small premiere and presentation, which increases the motivation and the joy of the students even more.

The following stages are followed when preparing a short film:
• Determining the subject and the script,
• Determining the characters,
• Writing the script,
• Shooting,
• Transferring to the digital media,
• Montage,
• Presentation


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