Counseling Service

In accordance with the philosophy of Private Istanbul College, the purpose of the counseling service is to assist our students to attain self-knowledge and understanding. The counseling service performs its activities within the scope of a work plan, which has been approved by the Ministry of National Education, with participation of students, parents and teachers, based on the principle of respect and privacy. Rational, emotional and behavioral methods are applied during the activities placing the individual in the center. Our counseling service monitors and evaluates the physical, psychological and social developments of our students, assists each student in person, and provides support to students.

Activities performed by the counseling service:

• In order to recognize and evaluate the students, various inventories based on the age groups are utilized along with both formal and informal techniques.
• Informative sessions about effective studying methods are carried out in order to help the students gain the skills of appropriate studying.
• Our teachers are guided about the characteristics of our students which need to be improved and how these could be applied into the educational models.
• Individual and group activities such as games, dramas, interactive groups, are prepared to help our students develop empathy.
• Within the frame of personality training, values based on the age groups are handled throughout whole school and activities are performed.
• Individual meetings are scheduled with each and every parent.
• Informative meetings regarding the functionality, duties and responsibilities of the counseling service are prepared for the parents.
• Activities regarding the student recognition inventories and learning models are performed.
• An informative work about “Effective Studying Techniques” is performed in order to help students gain planned studying habit.
• Seminars are prepared.